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OUR mission


We beleive in we can save our planet if we use the technology correctly

We can educate and motivate our younger generation to care about the environment, by using the technology and resources correctly. 


Countries with no regulation regarding the collection of bottles and cans (NON DEPOSIT MARKETS)

  • Introducing the first steps toward a bottle deposit market
  • Rewarding children for their acts of recycling
  • Creating cultural and moral aspect in recycling
  • educating the younger generation in recycling and rewarding them for recycling
  • Creating competional activities for children to get involved in recycling
  • Decreasing the costs of plastic seperation from organic waste
  • Introducing the deposit market advantages to the governments and manufacturers
  • Placing the RVM bottle receivers in any populated areas
  • introducing the RVM devies in housing complexes
  • The possibality to collect and seperate and reward other types of recyclables
  • Creating many new jobs

Countries with Bottle deposit scheme (DEPOSIT MARKETS)

  • A digital platform with which consumer can get their bottle deposit instantly
  • A user interface in which grocery stores can advertise their products
  • Eliminating the need for paper receipts
  • Bringing more customers into grocery stores
  • Increasing the recycling rate
  • Rewarding children with the deposit money for the act of recycling
  • involving the younger generation in recycling and motivating them with rewards
  • Decreasing administrative cost for organizations involved
  • Creating a cultural and moral aspect in recycling
  • Creating competitional events for children to get involved at and be rewarded

Digital payment Services

RVM bottle receivers

Return your empty cans and bottles to our state of the art RVM receivers and get your deposit back instantly by scaning the QR code shown on the screen with your iPANT app


If you want to donate your deposit money and if you want to decide whome to donate your money to, iPANT offer sthe best solution. Just click on the donation icon and choose the organisation you want to donate to


Download your own digital wallet and receive your deposit back when returning your empty bottles. top up your wallet at any time and withdraw your money if needed


Use the deposit money as allowance to your childre. motivate your children by asking them to return the empty bottles and give them the deposit money to motivate them to be aware of the importance of the environment

Online shop

Use your recycling deposit money to shop online through iPANTs digital mall. Just click on the shoping icon and brows through tens of webshops we have connected for you based on your interests


We collaborate with many educational  environmental awareness organisations to bring you and your children the important news and content regarding our planet and how we can keep it safe for the comming generations

OUR Partners

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